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Founded in 1977, Chief Energy Corp. (an Energy Service Company - ESCO) and a Heating Oil Delivery company provides a comprehensive line-up of energy services. Our team works hard to assure our pricing is one of the most competitive in the industry.

Chief Energy Exhibits At The 2012 Coooperator’s Coop & Condo Expo

Another year has passed with another trade show in the books.  Chief Energy was a prime exhibitor at this years 25th annual Cooperator’s Coop & Condo Expo. Thousands were in attendance as the expo showcased hundreds of companies from pest … Continue reading

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What You Should Know Before Choosing An Energy Supplier

Deregulation? ESCO? What do I need to know get the best rates I possibly can? How can Chief Energy help me out?   More than a million business and residential customers in New York City are now purchasing their electricity … Continue reading

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Natural Gas Storage Reaching Its Full Capacity!

The remainder of 2012 is looking to stay at all time high for underground natural gas storage.  The surplus of natural gas stems from the energy industry’s continued success in implementing the new and more efficient drilling techniques.   While production … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System?

Many consumers are constantly looking for tips when thinking about replacing their HVAC systems.  Each scenario is different, and it’s fun to think about the best (and least costly) ways of saving energy for each particular situation. Here are some … Continue reading

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United States: On The Brink To Be World’s New Energy Leader

The race for new-energy dominance is officially on. Sinopec and Cnoon, two of China’s oil giants, announced earlier this month that they will seek to buy a 30 percent stake in American hydraulic-fracturing-services firm Frac Tech Holdings LLC. There is … Continue reading

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Another Election-Year Transformation

Natural Gas This years presidential race is already producing some miraculous changes.  The latest example of this direction is the President’s new embrace of natural gas from shale. On its latest report on jobs and further employment, the White House … Continue reading

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Twelve Ways To Lower Your Heating Bill

Heating oil and natural gas prices may have tapered off, but there are still some things you could do this winter to drastically cut your costs. Here it comes. The annual rise in winter heating costs is right around the … Continue reading

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Factors Affecting Heating Oil Prices

Why Do Heating Oil Prices Fluctuate? Heating oil prices paid by consumers can vary over time and by where a consumer lives. Prices can change for a variety of reasons. 1. Seasonality in the Demand for Heating Oil When crude … Continue reading

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Factors Affecting Natural Gas Prices

It is important to know the facts around Higher and Lower Natural Gas Prices. Natural Gas prices are a function of market supply and demand. Due to limited alternatives for natural gas consumption or production in the short run, changes … Continue reading

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Chief Energy exhibits at the 2011 Cooperator’s Co-op and Condo Expo

What a fantastic event on April 12th, 2011 for share holders, building service companies, property mangers and board members to meet and greet with Chief Energy on # 2,4,6 Heating oil, Natural Gas and Electricity Supply. Trusted by thousands, the … Continue reading

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