What You Should Know Before Choosing An Energy Supplier

Deregulation? ESCO?

What do I need to know get the best rates I possibly can?

How can Chief Energy help me out?


More than a million business and residential customers in New York City are now purchasing their electricity and natural gas from an energy service company (ESCO).

The energy marketplace is incredibly competitive.  How can a consumer properly take advantage of the benefits an ESCO like Chief Energy can provide you.  The knowledge of ESCOs and some basic information is surely required to better understand how you can save money.

First and foremost, your gas and electricity bills are broken down into two parts – supply & delivery.  Your energy can be purchased from your local utility or an ESCO.  The delivery portion of your energy service will continue to be provided only by your distribution utility.  The supply portion will be provided by the ESCO.

ESCOs like Chief Energy provide a wide variety of pricing options and services.  For example, certain ESCOs provide long-term fixed pricing; others offer variable rates that change with market conditions; others give the option for customers to lock-in a rate during certain peak months of energy use.

Before choosing an ESCO you should:

  • Compare prices and services offered.
  • Review terms which may cover special fees, deposits, renewals and switching procedures.
  • Consider customer service features including complaint handling, hours of operation, and toll-free numbers.
  • Research the company’s background. You may want to know how long the company has been in business, the company’s location or if it is affiliated with a utility or any other company.
  • Always review the terms and conditions before committing to an ESCO offer.

For more information, your local ESCO can provide you with the proper assistance you need.  Call your local trusted ESCO Chief Energy at 877-918-CHIEF (2443) and see how a simple switch can go a long way in saving you money on all your energy needs.

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Founded in 1977, Chief Energy Corp. (an Energy Service Company - ESCO) and a Heating Oil Delivery company provides a comprehensive line-up of energy services. Our team works hard to assure our pricing is one of the most competitive in the industry.
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  1. Asaad Muh says:

    Spot on writing and information. This is the info that most people don’t know. I checked out http://www.chiefenergy.com

  2. Ling says:

    What’s an ESCO? I live in Manhattan and I never knew I even had the option of doing such a thing. I’m glad I stumbeld on this article. Keep ‘em coming chiefenergy

  3. Brett says:

    I honestly did not knoww any of this information. This was really helpful.

  4. Nate says:

    Generally I don’t learn from blog posts, however, I wish to say that this write-up forced me to check out and do so!

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